Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 MVP

My all time favorite plant this year is the clematis!  My neighbor had a bright pink one grow up her mail box each year and it took me this long to figure out what it was. The blooms were always bright, beautiful, and perfect. The purple clematis was my one splurge purchase this year. We went to our local nursery and purchased a $20 Jackmanii Clematis.

Hubby picked me up this awesome 72" metal windmill from menards.  I thought this would be perfect for my clematis! By next summer, the clematis should be filled in all the way to the top (I hope).
Penny's Tips:
-This is a climbing plant- you will need a trellis
-Some grow much taller than others, read the details on the tag
-Bury the crown of your plant two inches when you are planting
-MULCH!! It is important to keep the roots moist

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