Wednesday, May 13, 2015

'The fattest & most scrumptious of all flowers'

My peonies are here! I can't take much credit for these beautiful plants, they were planted in our front yard before we moved in. Peonies take zero maintenance and start to pop out of the ground when Spring starts to warm up. Within two months you have these full dark pink blooms.

After the blooms fade away you are left with great glossy green leaves. It really is a pretty bush for how little maintenance is required.

I recommend bringing in a few of the flowers for a display. They smell wonderful. Deadhead any blossoms outside if you want the bush to look prettier.

Each year we seem to get a nest of bunnies right in the center of the peony bush. Check out the baby rabbit my hubby found a couple of days ago.

Come fall we mow right over the dieing bush and the peonies are ready to pop up next Spring!

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