Monday, May 25, 2015

Tulip Care After Blooming

Tulips are my favorite part of spring. They mark the turn from the nasty winter weather to the bright warm days soon ahead. Most people don't realize the care needed for these beautiful plants after they bloom. These two easy steps will help bring bigger and better tulips next year.

After you have enjoyed the lovely colors of spring and the tulip petals begin to wilt and fade, it is important to deadhead the flower. Simply cut the stem close to the bloom leaving the foliage to continue to thrive. This allows the plant to stop spending energy on producing seed and strengthens your bulb.

The second important step is to leave the green foliage alone until it turns yellow. The leaves are collecting all the energy the plant needs to bloom next spring. Once the plant turns yellow like this picture, you can mow right over the area.

I promise these two simple steps will give you a great flower next year!

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