Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Making The Most Out Of Your Spirea

A few years ago I bought this Proven Winners 1 Gal. Double Play Pink Spirea on clearance. It was tiny and measly looking when I brought it home.  I planted it at the end of my backyard flowerbed hoping to attract butterflies.  The next year it bloomed and has continued to looking stunning ever since.

A couple tips that will help you make the most out of your Spirea Bush:
1. Trim it way down before Spring.  I am talking less then two feet tall.  Don't worry! Here is how far back I trimmed mine. Compare my February picture below to my July picture above. Trust me, these puppies grow fast.

2.  After you get your first bloom in the Spring and your pink flowers have faded to brown, go ahead and trim your Spiraea back some. Just enough to shape the bush up and remove all the spent flowers.  Do not trim the plant back as far as you did before Spring.  By the end of June my bush had flowered all over again.

Even though I don't see a lot of butterflies like I was hoping the plant does attract bees. Bees are great for our environment and so far they have left Penny and me alone. Thank goodness.

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