Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reuse Marigolds Every Year

The great thing about marigolds is that you can save your seeds and replant in multiple places the next spring.

Year one- invest in your favorite colored marigolds. I planted only a couple starter plants and they have grown into huge  marigold bushes this year.

As the plant blooms watch for old dried out flower heads. You want to wait until the flower has dried out and turned towards the ground. That is how you know they are ready.

Pluck as many as you can and keep in a paper envelope in a cool dry place until next spring. It is important that you don't put them in an airtight location like a baggie, the seeds may mold and will ruin.

Next year, a couple of weeks before spring you can break the flower head open and see a ton of little seads. You can go ahead and start these in your home on the windowsill or you cant wait and plant right in your flowerbeds after last frost.

You should have amazing marigolds each year! Best of luck!

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